Version 1.4.3
[Bug fixes]

  • Fix the problem that “Cleanup leaked objects…” is shown when a scene is saved.
  • Remove FogMacro.cginc file from the package for Unity 5.
  • Fix Unity 5.1 warnings.

Version 1.4.2
[Bug fixes]

  • Update demo scenes for Unity 5
  • Optimize mesh tree search
  • Improve Dynamic Shadow Projector support

Version 1.4.1
[New feature]

  • Shadow Receiver and Projector Manager now call “UpdateTransform()” method before using transform of a projector, if any components of the projector object have such public method.

[Bug fixes]

  • Unity 5 fog support
  • Fixed a bug of Easy Setup Wizard whereby a MeshShadowReceiver was created with null material.
  • Fixed a null pointer exception which could happen when building a mesh tree.

Version 1.4.0
[New features]

[Bug fixes]

  • Fixed some Unity 5 compatibility issues with Demo.
  • There was a little chance that recast agains BinaryMeshTree could return non-closest point.
  • It is now possible to setup MeshShadowRenderer at runtime. It is not required to set some MeshTree and Mesh Transform in Editor.
  • Fixed some issues which might have happened when trying to build MeshTree at runtime.

Version 1.3.0
[New features]

[Bug fix]

  • Fixed some Unity 5 compatibility issues.

Version 1.2.2
[Bug fix]

  • Fixed the issue that MeshShadowReceiver did not work correctly if the mesh model was scaled.

Version 1.2.1
[Bug fix]

  • Fixed the issue that near clip and far clip of a Light Projector was affected by the directional light position.

Version 1.2.0
[New features]

[Bug fixes]

  • Fixed incorrect back face culling
  • Fixed broken layout in Readme.pdf
  • Shader optimization

Version 1.1.0
[New features]

  • Normal vectors are now available in shadow shaders.
  • Added back face culling option to MeshShadowReceiver.
  • New projector shadow shaders which can avoid backside projection problem.


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