Dynamic Shadow Projector

Currently, this asset doesn’t work on Unity 5.6 (as of Unity 5.6.2p2). Please use another version of Unity (Unity 5.5 or Unity 2017)

This simple Unity asset provides a few components to render a shadow onto a render texture so that the render texture can be used with Blob Shadow Projector. Blob Shadow Projector is usually used for dropping a round blurry shadow which is not suitable for a skinned mesh object. This asset enables a projector to drop a dynamic shadow which is perfect for skinned mesh objects.

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Fast Shadow Receiver

Shadows are very important aspects in 3D space. Shadows enhance spatial awareness of objects in 3D space and give better user experience for players. However, shadow rendering is GPU intensive process. For low-end mobile devices, it will slow down your application. “Fast Shadow Receiver” will make shadow rendering much faster by minimizing the area where shadows are drawn.

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